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Burundi International Trade Fair is the first and largest Business exhibition in Burundi. It offers a unique exposition for local and foreign manufacturers, suppliers, buyers and users of a wide range of goods and services as well as opportunities for investment and trade promotion in strategic areas. Several sponsor opportunities are available to build and promote your company to a diverse, yet focused group of high level stakeholders.

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General Partner

General Partner of BITF is a prestigious status, granted only to major companies who are acknowledged business leaders. It affords an opportunity to enjoy priority access to all business programme events; to secure coverage by leading Burundi and foreign media; to set up exclusive business networking areas; to develop and hold events as part of the event's business and cultural programmes; and to present new projects, brands, and services to the Forum’s unique audience in the most accessible format possible.

Organization Partner

Contributing to the organization of the BITF gives companies fantastic promotional opportunities, since they may distribute and offer their own products, and provide services to event participants. As an additional option, companies have the opportunity to acquire a space where they can erect a branded stand, to include a business networking area and catering services.

Governors’ Club Partner

The Governors’ Club Partner attracts particular interest from regional leaders. This format is especially relevant to companies with a wide range of interests in Africa regions, a good understanding of the regions’ specific qualities, and the ability to help strengthen mutually beneficial relationships between local authorities and the business community.